Delhi , is a city full of Entertainment and masti , it is located in the heart of India , a new city in the heart of an old India full of customs rituals and beautiful old monuments.A City which is progressing every second in a day .This is our project in physics .Every part of Delhi is historic, so we thought why not to do a project on our on city .Helping in transforming Delhi into a place better than any other city.Where talents and special ability are recognized and people progress @ double.Where a normal person can lead a normal life without any problems but in Delhi there are many problems such as water , electricity and residence .Here in Delhi, are many talents are there but not recognized…..

Together my friends and I , will make this project leading by teamwork.

  • Nishant Mehta (leader)
  • Harshit Khanduja (vice-captain)
  • Rishabh Gupta (administrator In-Charge)
  • Archit Dubey (co-ordinator)
  • Sakshi Verma(co-ordinator)
  • D. Tejaswini (co-ordinator)

In This site we intend talk about everything in Delhi……………. Whether it is common wealth games , Metros or Monuments recovery ………….anything which is leading India to the way of progress…………………

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