Common Wealth Games

As we all know that common wealth games are very very close so , on this page we will discuss about the common wealth games………


The common wealth games will be hosted by India , all the preparation is to be done by India, already so much money is spent on the common wealth games, but even then also there is so much left to do

  • Construction of the sports stadium are not complete
  • The construction of the Commonwealth Games Village on the Yamuna river bed. The ground on which it was challenged was that it could harm the ecological system of the Yamuna riverbed.(as you can see in the Photograph)
  • The TV telecast devices are not set by the government.
  • 5000 athletes will come to India but very low arrangement have been done on this matter

Location and Stadiums

  • Dhyan Chand National Stadium - hockey
  • Indira Gandhi Arena - Archery, Cycling, Gymanstics and Wrestling
  • Delhi University Sport Complex - Rugby 7s
  • Tyagaraj Sports Complex - Netball
  • Siri Fort Sports Complex - Badminton and Squash
  • Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range - shooting
  • Talkatora Stadium - boxing
  • SPM Swimming Pool Complex Aquatics
  • RK Khanna Tennis Complex Tennis and
  • Yamuna Sports Complex Table Tennis

Stadiums not ready yet


Participating Countries

there are 72 nation are participating but main nations are as follow -
Anguilla , Guyana ,Saint Helena Saint Helena
Antigua and Barbuda , India , Saint Kitts and Nevis
Australia , Isle of Man , Saint Lucia
Bahamas , Jamaica , St.Vincent & Grenadines
Bangladesh , Jersey , Samoa
Barbados , Kenya , Scotland
Belize , Kiribati , Seychelles
Bermuda Bermuda , Lesotho , Sierra Leone
Botswana , Malawi , Singapore


The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) with its headquarters based in London is responsible for the direction and control of the 2010 Commonwealth Games. The motto of the Common Wealth Games 2010 is around three core values - Humanity, Equality and Destiny.


CONDITION(10 Sept.2010)

Firstly cwg was going to start in July 31 but the preparation for cwg is not completed. when members from London come to India for checking that every thing is ready ,they found that the preparation is zero then the date was extended to 3 October but till now date nothing is perfect. we can see that metro construction is now going , roads are constructing,stadiums are not ready etc…………….


Update(25 Sept. 2010)

Now the Condition of Stadiums are better . A special Game Lane is Introduced to make travelling easier for the Players.Any other car travelling in this lane will be penalised for Rs.2000. There is a huge bus depot near commonwealth games village is established as to make the players comfortable to travel.the stadiums are all complete with minor mistakes.
England and Ireland Teams have already arrived at Delhi.In Commonwealth Games Village,
It is a big challenge For the chefs to make food for around 3000 total residents.It contains about 1200 chefs.


Way to Commonwealth Games Village


A cycle on the Games Lane


Bus Depot Near Village

Update (3rd Oct. 2010)

The Commonwealth games have started with a lot happiness in the environment. We can Now see the stadiums are completed within Time limits.The Opening Ceremony Has Been a great event.This has been found that Opening Ceremony of CWG was better than Fifa World Cup that has been surprising people all over the world..

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