The New "New Delhi"

My group and me want Delhi to be a place that millions of people want to live in………………….
what do we need?

New Infrastructure

New Delhi needs new and better infrastructure as it is one of the largest growing economy and has the largest growing population.
Delhi has seen major infrastructural changes over the past few years amidst increased foreign investment and economic growth. Delhi’s infrastructure is attracting MNCs and corporate bodies from all over the world. Information technology, BPOs and other IT Services are among the growing industries in Delhi.

Some New Infrastructures:

Faults In The System

We ourselves can see many faults in the system and authorities:-

  • no proper sewage facility, that is , only two major sewage plants
  • there are not sufficient number of dustbins so the people throw their garbage anywhere they like
  • there are no proper ways to dispose the garbage
  • many people in Delhi live in poverty
  • in many areas, the water supply is inadequate
  • the eatables are very costly for backward class people and so on

Faults In our System

  • Poverty is on every corner of this country
  • People try to neglect the condition of this country
  • Most of the policemen are bribed to ignore the condition
  • Greedy politicians don`t Understand peoples condition
  • A lot of child labour is there………..children are forced to work
  • Because of this, they are not able to study……..and not able to lead a better life
  • people don`t give taxes to the government , how will the government provide us basic facilities

people in poverty


cant we do anything about this ? is the government responsible for this? or is the people of India responsible for this?or we might be a better country than we think? or there are more countries in poverty than India ?

Ans 1) We can do something, just a small thing……"Change our attitude".
Ans 2) Partially,more than half of our whole system is corrupt.
Ans 3) In partnership with the government ……..the people are also responsible for this.
Ans 4) Yes,we should thank god for making India a democracy.
Ans 5) there are more countries like Myanmar, Korea and Pakistan etc

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